WAXworks is an open, mixed media, work-in-progress showcase suitable for both new and seasoned artists. The program benefits artists on three levels:

(A) PRODUCTION: WAXworks offers an opportunity to showcase up to 12 minutes of work on a professional stage with an extensive technical capacity, including an experienced lighting designer on hand and front of house and production staff. Participating artists also receive HD video footage of their presented work and up to five still images courtesy of our WAX photographer.

(B) ADMINISTRATIVE: WAX believes in learning by doing.  By providing marketing and promotional tools for artists to use, we hope that each participant feels confident in generating a robust audience for their showcase. In an uncertain arts market, creative people need to be just as knowledgeable about promoting their work as performing it.

(C) DEVELOPMENT: WAXworks asks audience members to provide anonymous written feedback on each work they see. This feedback from the diverse and varied audiences attending WAXworks offers artists valuable insight to help develop their work in a real and constructive way. Artists are invited and encouraged to present work that is in progress. Additionally, WAX staff members provide feedback on press kit materials, project descriptions, and aesthetic statements submitted during the application process.



WAXworks is a co-presentation between WAX and the participating artists.  This means that WAX provides the venue and background production needs while the artists provide the work. However, both partake in the marketing and promotion of the event.

WAXworks asks every participant to actively develop the audience for their show by sending emails, using social networking tools like Facebook, and handing out postcards to friends, family, and acquaintances, encouraging them to attend this unique performance experience. The anonymous audience feedback is successful as long as an audience is present. This means that friends and family should be encouraged to see the whole show and offer up their valuable perspective to each artist.

We also ask that participating artists encourage audience members to pay the suggested ticket donation of $12.  It helps offset the production costs for WAX and keeps our artist fees low.



WAXworks is a program produced by WAX (Williamsburg Art neXus, Inc.) and, as such, Triskelion Arts should NOT be contacted with questions related to the WAXworks program. However, you should definitely visit the Triskelion Arts website to find out more about their space. WAXworks takes place in Triskelion's Muriel Schulman Theater.

If you have any questions about the WAXworks program, application process, or Triskelion guidelines please contact producer Ellyn Sjoquist at ellyn(at)wax205(dot)com.