frequently asked questions

I'd like to rehearse in the theater space before my showcase. How much rehearsal time is built in to my WAXworks experience? Can I book additional rehearsal time?

  • Each artist will be assigned a thirty minute tech rehearsal slot on the day of their showcase. No additional rehearsal time is included. If you'd like to book additional rehearsal time in the Muriel Schulman Theater, where WAXworks takes place, you can do so through the Triskelion Arts website.

What are the dimensions of the theater?

  • You can find the dimensions of the Muriel Schulman Theater on the Triskelion Arts website.  There are two wings in the theater, one upstage right and one upstage left.

Which showcase date have I been selected to participate in?

  • Please refer to your acceptance email.  You'll find your showcase date bolded in the first line of that email.

What time does the showcase start?

  • All WAXworks showcases take place at 7p.

Can I show more than one piece?

  • WAXworks has a strict 12 minute limit.  You can show 12 one-minute works, or 1 twelve-minute work, or anything in between.  We WILL cut your work at 12 minutes.

Can I change my tech time?

  • On the contract you signed when you were accepted, you agreed that you and all of your performers would be available from 2p-10p on the day of your showcase.  If you've received an email with your tech time, it is final, and it cannot be changed for any reason.  If you have not yet received an email with your tech time and a schedule conflict has arisen, email the producer as soon as possible to communicate your needs.