• Any kind of stagecraft is welcome; we invite choreography, theater, music, poetry, comedy, juggling, acrobatics, monologues, performance art, or any other form of presentational work.

  • Your work must be 12 minutes or less!

  • Works-in-progress are highly recommended!

  • There is no limit to the number of times an artist can participate in WAXworks, however under circumstances in which we cannot accommodate all applicants, those who have not yet participated in WAXworks will be given precedence.

    • NOTE: If you have participated in the most recent WAXworks season, you are not eligible to apply. We recommend that artists wait a full year before applying again. (For example: If you showed work in Fall 2016, we recommend waiting to reapply until Spring 2018.)


  • $20 NON-REFUNDABLE application fee (paid via Swipe). Your application cannot be submitted without payment!

  • Accurately completed application form



We offer feedback on press kits postmarked by the application deadline. If you would like feedback on press materials please include as much of the following as possible, in a sturdy folder please:

  • Business card

  • Resume (1 page only)

  • Artist statement (also requested below)

  • Reviews or Listings (newspaper, magazine, online articles, etc.)

  • Past Press Materials (programs, postcards, or press releases, etc.)

  • Photos


  • Completed application and fee must be received by the application deadline. You will receive an automatically generated email to confirm that your application has been successfully submitted.

  • Within one month of the close of the application window, all applicants will be notified of an application decision.

  • If your application has been accepted, you will have one week to submit your production fee and additional documents to finalize your participation in the season. You will receive more information at that time.


more that you should know...


Once accepted, you can confirm your slot by submitting a $30 production fee. This fee offsets a portion of the costs assumed by WAX for marketing materials, performance space rental, production crew, and video documentation for your showcase. It can be paid via Stripe. You will NOT be permitted to participate if we do not receive your production fee on time, so please be mindful of the deadline!


This contract will be due along with your production fee and asks that you agree to your submission's details. This means that we encourage you to present the piece with which you applied, i.e. if you submit a ten-minute trio, we ask that you try to present a ten-minute trio. That being said, as WAXworks is a work-in-progress series, we are happy to be flexible (within reason) and are willing to discuss the options as your work develops.


If we receive more applications than can be programmed in one season (as is nearly always the case), you may be offered an alternate slot. As an alternate, you may be asked to step into a showcase on very short notice. Please be prepared to provide the production fee and all other requirements in a timely manner if you are called upon to step in to a showcase.  


Artists are expected to leave their schedule open from 2p-10p on the dates of the showcases they indicate your top choices. About a month in advance of your showcase, you will be assigned a 30 minute time slot for your tech rehearsal (on the same day as your showcase). Use this time to set cues and run the piece as much as you like – there is no additional dress rehearsal, and tech times are non-negotiable!

You and all of your performers/collaborators must be present at tech rehearsal. All elements must be used in tech rehearsal, i.e. props, projectors, live music, make-up, costumes, etc. This is critical!

Remember that this is a shared evening and very extensive technical needs can be time-consuming and troublesome. You will have 3-4 minutes before and after you perform to set up or strike. As much as possible, please simplify and be prepared! More on this below...


In your application, please be as descriptive as possible when providing technical information about your piece. Please thoroughly describe any set, costume, or prop elements that are relevant to your project; we must be informed in advance of any objects large or small that will be placed on the stage. Keep in mind that WAXworks is a shared evening. We do our best to accommodate everyone's technical needs, but if your piece requires more set-up and strike time than the length of the work, please considers ways that you might simplify your needs. Please take a moment to review Triskelion Arts rules for 


ALL participating artists will be required to sign a liability waiver at your tech rehearsal. This waiver protects WAX and Triskelion Arts.