March WAXworks- Meet Alexis Robbins and Victoria Arakcheyeva

This month, we got a chance to hear from from Alexis Robbins of kamrDANCE and Victoria Arakcheyeva of PVRT Project. See them THIS SUNDAY at our March showcase!

WAXstaff (WS): If you could only use three words to describe your work, what would they be?

Alexis Robbins (AR): Spunky, physical, dark

Victoria Arakcheyva (VA):  saucy, sexy, liberating

WS: What part of the creative process do you find most challenging? What do you feel comes easily?

AR: Costumes are the most challenging thing for me. I just don't see them. I never feel confident figuring that out. Creating fast paced movement comes very easily for me, however it's definitely a slight challenge to have to slow down.

VA: The themes for my work or the political content usually comes first and is the most easy for me to conceptualize. When I have been reading a text or learn something in class that intrigues me, it bleeds into my process. The most challenging aspect is being able to turn ideas into movement. Being able to show a feeling, idea, or concept in a way that is clear to audience members and still adheres to my personal principles.


WS: Where do you find inspiration for your work? Or what motivates your work?

AR: Real experiences as a female in our society is what motivates and inspires the theme of this work. As far as my movement, I allow opposite genres to inspire each other. For example, tap dancing and rhythmic work inspires my contemporary movement and vice versa.

VA: Oftentimes, the books that I read are the puzzle pieces that form my piece. I am inspired by women, social justice work, pornography, and politics.


WS: Share a funny anecdote from a rehearsal or performance.

AR: Funny moments in rehearsal definitely happen when we're tired. Somehow, when we're not dancing/taking a break, someone always walks into the wall (or pole) which is always amusing.

VA: My dance partner and I had a tassel twirling rehearsal. Imagine the possibilities.


WS: Do you have any secret talents?

AR: I can wiggle my ears!

VA:  I can potty train pet rats.


WS: What specific ideas or elements in your work would you hope to receive feedback on?

AR: I hope to receive feedback on how the piece makes people feel. My goal is to make people feel two drastically different emotions - and I'm wondering how the transition from one to the other effects them.

VA:  The order of events, what kind of message the audience is getting from it, what emotions were they experiencing as they watched? What did they want to do? What did they do?


WS: What’s the last book you read? Movie you watched? Trip you took?

AR: The last book I read is Orange is the New Black (very different from the show!).

VA: Kids (the movie) & the New Jim Crow

WS: Anything else you want to share with us?

AR: I'm excited and very nervous!