Meet our April Artists!

Our Spring 2016 Season is in full swing!  Join us THIS SUNDAY -- April 17th for another evening at Triskelion Arts, sure to be a great show.  In the mean time, let's get to know a little about our April Artists.  This month, we heard from:

Kimberleigh Costanzo
Annie Heath
Phil Lanzetta
Kyle Rostan

WAXstaff: If you could only use three words to describe your work, what would they be?

Kimberleigh Costanzo: Exhaustive, constant femaleness

Annie Heath: Vignettes, radiation, pulse

Phil Lanzetta: Meditative, spacial, cyclical

Kyle Rostan: Honest, proud, fierce

WS: What part of the creative process do you find most challenging? What do you feel comes easily?

KC: Editing is one of the more challenging parts of the process for me-- I often struggle to let go of ideas that I've become attached to in the course of making the work. In making mostly solos, I've also struggled with rehearsal time spent alone... It's very easy to become distracted or allow myself to take one too many "breaks." Reasons to make work, though, are all around so I have no shortage of inspiration.

AH: The beginning is the most difficult. Starting with a blank canvas has too many possibilities and it's hard to decide what direction to start with. I often just go with "first move, best move" just to get something on the floor. Refining for me comes easier as we work more and more with the developing ideas. The more you allow one game to influence the next, the richer the context of the work can become.

PL: Generating movement comes easily.  Organizing that movement in a way that conveys meaning, but allows room for interpretation is the challenge.

KR: An overall narrative comes to me first, and fairly easily. I've always loved telling stories through dance, and find it soothing and meditative to come up with concepts. Truthful, I love the entire creative process, it's cleaning and reworking a piece that I curse!!

WS: Where do you find inspiration for your work? Or what motivates your work?

KC: Personal experience is generally the initial impetus, but I undertake a research process in which information is pulled from art, film, literature, science fiction, and a wide variety of other sources that then inform the content and images in the work.

AH: I find a lot of inspiration in cinema and theater, but when you're living on a budget, I resort to people watching. Observing each individual's body language fascinates me and can really reveal a lot of their character. 

PL: This work was inspired by the poetry of Mary Oliver and Rainer Maria Rilke and images from the Hubble Space Telescope. Typically my work is motivated by a message or theme, but this work is more abstract.

KR: My dancers are the biggest inspiration and motivation. I try to create character driven movement for them, and only them.

WS: What specific ideas or elements in your work would you hope to receive feedback on?

KC: I'm hoping to get a sense of how successfully I am walking the line between an interesting kind of repetitive movement and a boring kind of repetitive movement-- where exactly does one lose focus? I am also working without sound (aside from speech) at the moment, and I'd be interested to know what sound/score, if any, audience members might envision accompanying the work in the future.

AH: I hope that everyone can become absorbed in the world that we try to create. Ride the fantasy, if you will.

PL: The work is a duet, a medium which is new to me. I'd be interested to hear the perceived relationship or lack thereof between the dancers. 

KR: Excitement levels. My main goal as a choreographer so far with the company has just been to create exciting, captivating scenes. No matter what you're feelings are towards it, you're invested.

WS: What’s the last book you read? Movie you watched? Trip you took?

KC: The last book I read was Chelsea Girls by Eileen Myles. The last trip I took was to a farm in West Virginia to get my hands dirty and visit some friends.

AH: I went to Barbados with my brother! A much needed break from the city.

PL: I am currently reading A Year With Rilke - beginning each morning with a poem and meditation. The last movie I watched was Spotlight.

KR: Room with Brie Larson has inspired a lot of weird things in my head that I hope to see on the stage soon.