October WAXworks- Meet Sonia Plumb and Talissa Bavaresco

This month, we got a chance to hear from Talissa Bavaresco and Sonia Plumb. See their pieces THIS SUNDAY at WAXworks!

WAXstaff (WS): If you could only use three words to describe your work, what would they be?
Talissa Bavaresco (TB): Memories, self, 50's
Sonia Plumb (SP): Transformative, aesthetic, sensual.

WS: What part of the creative process do you find most challenging? What do you feel comes easily?
TB: This was my first self-choreographing experience. The hardest part in this process was guiding myself through it. When you don't have a director or choreographer guiding you, and you can't step outside of yourself to watch it, things get really tricky. Thank God for video cameras!
SP: I find the editing and letting go the hardest. I try to stick with the “keep only 25%” rule, but that is hard.

WS: Where do you find inspiration for your work? Or what motivates your work?
TB: Seeing dance makes me inspired to create dance.
SP: New experiences, new information and other artists, curiosity. Discovery.

WS: What specific ideas or elements in your work would you hope to receive feedback on?
TB: Concept. Length of Introduction.

WS: What goals do you have for your creative work?
TB: To get the story told across and take the audience on a mini movie experience.

WS: Share a funny anecdote from a rehearsal or performance.
TB: I originally danced and choreographed the piece to a completely different song.

WS: Do you have any secret talents?
TB: I'm a photographer! Also I can move my ears.
SP: I am very good at making a mess.

WS: What’s the last book you read? Movie you watched?
TB: I'm rewatching Stranger Things for the 3628284748 time if that counts.
SP: For the past few months I have been watching international films in Spanish and French. The most recent was “Palm Trees in the Snow.”

WS: Where can we find more information about your work and upcoming projects?
TB: At www.talissabavaresco.com ! Or at the socials FB: @TalissaBavarescoDance IG: @talissabsco
SP:  www.SoniaPlumbDance.org

WS: Anything else you'd like to share?
TB: I'm excited to be joining WAXworks!